Monday, November 9, 2009

Tulle and Tiaras

This girlfriend has it figured out. Pink tulle and a tiara is exactly what we all should be wearing everyday. I dare you to find one girl who doesn't secretly hold an undying passion for her childhood princess tiara; if you can, I'll swear off my Diet Coke forever.

 But since I can't wear pink tulle everyday, I'll settle for this heart stopping one-shouldered magenta mini from The ruffled shoulder screams sassy while the bare right arm screams chic. With a pair of black opaque tights and some black booties, this little frock begs to be flaunted on any given night on the town. Yes thank you, I'll wear this in my dreams tonight.

On a slightly more affordable note, everyone's favorite Forever21 has done it again. Somehow, magically it seems, they've pulled through to design a cheap yet chic chiffon ruffle tunic. I think this might be my new skinny black stretch pants' soul mate.


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