Monday, November 9, 2009

Going to the chapel, Masey's going to get married...

The final days of college are quickly approaching, and as plans are made and futures secured, the time has come that one of my nearest and dearest is engaged to be married! After showing off the beautiful  (and considerably large) diamond on her finger, tears were dried and plans were made.With an army of bridesmaids that will stop at no limit to ensure maximum celebration, Masey's bridal showers are sure to all be affairs to remember.This precious little piece, brought to us by the genius designers at Pottery Barn, made me smile with delight as ideas ran through my head for everything from decorations and decor, themes and party favors, to the complimentary cocktail. Champaigne, anyone? If that question is directed to any one of my best girls, the answer is yes, please.

Pictures of our many shower soirees to come soon!


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