Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Mantra + Simple Words

Today I am bursting with things to say. But my words are not enough right now, it seems.
After an impromptu absence last week, I've had lots of things brewing. Good things. And while I still can't talk details just yet, my heart is full and my path is led.

Speaking of, I've been reading a somewhat unconventional devotional book by Beth Moore in hopes of qualming my sometimes oppressive perfectionist thoughts. I really dug deep this weekend, and felt the message moving me almost immediately. I'm going to say very little more about this read right now, in hopes of discovering more before I turn you that way. But the moral of this short Monday story is that I was reminded how lucky we all are that our imperfections don't separate us from His grace.

Sure, most of us have known this quite some time. But this simple little fact is oftentimes so elementary to our faith that, though it is a cornerstone of who we are, we rarely take the time anymore to reflect on it. And I'm not sure about you, but I am so glad to remember it. And I thought you might be too. So because of that, my mantra for us all this week:
Sometimes simple words are the best.
Here's to another inspired week!

Daily gratitude: moving messages.


Unknown said...

I love your quote from your "unconventional devotional," and can't wait to hear more about it. Thanks for the words of wisdom, insight into His glory and reminder to keep Him first and foremost always. Aly

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