Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Treats: Top Tens

Whelp, gals, turns out you don't need me anymore.
Because today, Layne turned me to Rank & Style. And, well, all we style seekers really need is them.

Gone are you days of searching searching searching for the perfect BB Cream (Whit, you've already found yours). Or, oh-- you're looking to add the perfect pencil skirt to your wardrobe, huh? Rank & Style methodologically, through both geeky computer analytics and tried-and-true testing, compiles Top Ten lists for any shopping topic-- and they explain how here. Don't see one you want yet? No prob. Just tell them what you're looking for and they'll get to work.

A few of my own Top Ten's I'd like to see these girls get to work on for my summer style:
1. Top Ten LWD's for Summer
2. Top Ten Volumizing Hair Products (That Don't Leave Your Hair Sticky)
3. Top Ten No-Smudge Coral Lipsticks
4. Top Ten Nude Ankle-Strap Sandals
5. Top Ten Backless Rompers
That's not asking too much-- right? Trust me, check 'em out here.

Daily gratitude: Faith and forgiveness against all else. And the yummy salad gifted to me for lunch.


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog through Pinterest... Every post is so inspiring. LOVE IT!

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