Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Mantra + The Search

Often when I'm selecting my Monday Mantra, I really have no earthly idea what it is I'm looking for.
I'll scroll through my Mantra Pinterest board, my journal, wherever I feel led to look, and just browse and browse and browse all the beautiful words that touch me during my curating throughout the week. And then all of a sudden—there it will be. Words of encouragement, whether to inspire me, or give rest to a weary soul. And that's how I found myself repeating this a few times this morning:
He is never far, though distance may seem present at times—He is here. He is here when you are weary and tired, content and joyful, sinning, repenting, rejoicing, worshipping. He is here, there, everywhere.
Happy Monday, friends. He is with you.
Daily gratitude: Through good and bad, He is with me.


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