Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Treats: A Smathering of Interesting

Tuesday has f-l-o-w-n by. After a quick morning workout, a lovely encounter with a sympathetic cop, and an afternoon spent trying on and shooting suits at Ophelia, I realized I hadn't had my morning coffee—at 4 p.m.. But since I already had my Tuesday Treats all geared up to share with you of things I've find oh so Pinteresting, let's just go ahead and proceed, shall we?

  • I've been on quite the foodie kick lately. Which would explain why the top of my recently pinned page are this breakfast grilled cheese, this adorable spaghetti dinner prep housewarming gift, and this drool-worthy Mexican grilled corn, lightened up. Too bad I'm still learning to cook...
  • When brushing on the powder this morning, I noticed just how bad the ole brushes need a good cleaning. Luckily, I found this tutorial on a simple and inexpensive way to clean your brushes. Hello, my Tuesday night plans. I'm cool, I know.
  • Since I'm constantly updating my space (as I've mentioned, compulsive self-improvement junkie here), I was delighted to find this super simple tutorial on how to decorate a small space. It seems the carriage house may soon be getting a few improvements. 
  • Ever heard of Gimp? Me either, until I was introduced to the Photoshop-like copycat program. I talked to a few others who have tried using the free program to see if they'd like to invest in Photoshop (precisely what I intend to do), so I decided to give it a go and download. So far, so good (especially with beginner tutorial such as this and this). Stay tuned for an update to the ole blog.
  • It being bikini season and all, I added these foods to this week's grocery list to see if they do make any difference for a flatter stomach. Stay tuned with an update on any results (fingers crossed!!). And to additionally rev up that metabolism, I've found that many of these foods do work. 
  • This wouldn't be an Ainsley list without one single article of clothing, so all I have to say is—where was this coat this Fall? Could I wear it as a bathing suit cover up? Ok, maybe not...

Daily gratitude: an early morning workout this morning to make me appreciate a strong, working body.


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