Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy {March is Here} Weekend

Ahh, March, I've been waiting a month for you.
I knew February was going to be tough with all the changes taking place around these parts, so I waited for March with big eyes and a big heart, for sunny days when the waves would subside. And here we are. Welcome, spring.
And even more, on a Friday—a beautiful happenstance of the first spring weekend together. So, a few fabulous Friday Finds for this serendipitous meeting, full of color and spring cheer:

  • A neon statement piece on super sale at Kate Spade
  • Bright eyes and poppy lips for an evening out here. And speaking of lips, make it stay this way.
  • A wanderlust coffee table book I'm dying to get my hands on here
  • A just do it reminder here
  • The prettiest and simplest spring arrangement here
Here's to bringing in March in the best way! 


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