Thursday, February 28, 2013

Old Whiskey Soul

Since spring is quite literally right on the horizon, I've been dabbling with some new cocktails to welcome in the bright season in a festive way. Suddenly, I've found myself with a resurfaced affinity for whiskey.
(Ok, not so much looking like this.)
There is something nostalgic about whiskey to me. It conjures images of the dark, smoky blues clubs I love so much, of SEC football games, or spring days with a mint julep—it doesn't get much more southern than that. Which is what has brought me back to whiskey in the first place—hailing from a cocktailing family, all this Florida sunshine has me longing for a big front porch rocking chair and mint julep in hand. In looking for some interesting alternatives to the most classic whiskey cocktails, which are really the only ones I've ever preferred, I stumbled across a few spring-like ones I'm dying to get my mint muddle out for and try, like this Honey-Mint Whiskey CocktailWhiskey Plum, or The Whiskey Smash. Or, if you're happier with your whiskey and water (my top choice), then you can always add a little extra to your next batch of cupcakes. And when the day has been enough and all else fails...
Here's to spring drinking.


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