Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hair Envy and New 'Dos

I'm in the market for a fresh summer cut. Never mind that I'm impossible to satisfy with my haircuts—I'm bored with a capital B with my tresses.
I'm pretty traditional when it comes to haircuts. No pixies, edgy cuts, or extreme color for me—quite the opposite, actually. I'm a soft curls, fuss-free sort of hair girl, and my dream 'do is much like Rosie sports below.
However, a few factors won't allow for this. The first being that, though I have a normal amount of hair, it's very fine—therefore, it looks pretty stringy when worn straight past a certain length aka right now. Secondly, the humidity the South is famous for gives it a mind. of. its. own. Forget sleek and straight or bombshell curls come May—gotta embrace that weird texture that is the product of such humidity.
So, in preparation for next week's appointment, I've been testing out my friends' reactions to these cuts I've stumbled across during the winter. For spring, I'm thinking about giving a few inches the chop and getting rid of my long waves in leu of something a little different. However, the new cut must adhere strictly to my "don't spend longer than ten minutes on my hair" policy—low maintenance and relatively fuss-free is key here people.

This option keeps most of my length (I'm known to freak out when I go to short) but adds some face-framing layers that would be easy to style when on the fly. I like to think of this as the safe option, as it can still be styled many different ways.

Jessica Alba's cut is so stinkin cute here. But I have so many questions: Can I wear a middle part (most signs point to no), will hair above my shoulders make my shoulders appear broader and most importantly will it make me look like Jessica Alba?

So here she is again with a slightly longer version. I said I wanted to get rid of waves, but I like them with these short alternatives.

Also up for consideration is somewhere in the middle. Olivia P, my idol, also consistently hits the mark with a good mid-length hairstyle.

Every time I cut my hair, I think it's too short. Every time I get a trim, I complain that I'm bored.So the question is, to cut or not to cut? I know you girls feel my pain.
Help a sister out.
(All sources via my Hair Envy Pinterest board)


Kate said...

I struggle with the same dilemma and as a consequence have had the same hairstyle (with a few length changes) for about 2 years. I'm currently obsessed with Julianne Hough's short style from Safe Haven, but my hair is so fine that I worry I don't have enough to pull off such short hair.

But, it's only hair and it does grow back...I think the Jessica Alba cut is super cute!

googe said...

Ditto Kate....
if you dont try something NEW, how will you ever like it ?

Masey said...

Cut it! Those wavy short do's would look fab with that red dress for Mary-Crosby's wedding!!!

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