Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Mantra + Change

No excuses for my perpetual absence as of late, except for there have been big changes happening this way.
Well, I guess I'll give you a little about that...

Every so often, I'll flip flop back and forth on what From Ainsley, with Love is. If you visit my About Me, I quickly state that this is where I document my daily inspirations—whatever they may be. Because this is the place I come to write—and write, I do. And write I do now.

More truth be told, I've been uninspired lately. I've noticed lots of writers feeling that way. Meg here discusses regaining her creativity after the holiday season is over and the new year begins in a whirlwind—that sounds true. Liz points out how getting from point A to point B to point C is nearly impossible at times, and inspiration falters—true, again. But for me, the days have been so muddled together in chaos that I fess up to not seeking my daily inspiration as I usually do—which is why I gave the blog a breather rather than pouring the bipolar sense of emotions I was experiencing onto my precious (web) pages.

You see, I made a big leap of faith this month, an interesting feat for a girl who likes all her ducks in a row, her life packaged up prettily with a lovely red bow. All good things time out eventually, as new challenges are necessary and new room to stretch and grow is desired. And as this time in life has dawned upon me, I made the big decision and finished my last day in my old position two weeks ago.
Nervous? Check.
Excited? Yep.
A little scared out of my mind? You betcha.

To desire to evolve and better yourself is a positive thing, and a quality I can whole-heartedly say I do not lack. And, for me, this is my time for it. It's a strange feeling—knowing in your heart you're on the right path, Him leading all the way, headed in the right direction, but not one hundred percent sure what that end result may be. Except that, there may not be an end result. Maybe this path is a continues path of evolution and self-betterment. In which case, I'm not scared of that—my eyes are focused, my passions my focal point, and my options limitless—but I am scared of being uninspired. Because an uninspired life, lost in the monotonous have-tos and obligations of the day or the chaos surrounding, isn't beautiful and exciting. What's beautiful and exciting are the deep breaths, the lingering moments to notice, the tiny details that make this life so worth living. Which is why, as I bid co-workers-turned-great-friends adieu, these words spoken to me by a special office friend stuck with me:
Where I am right now is a place for growing, evolving, challenging myself, and exploring. So here comes the next big adventure. And I write these words now to keep this space right here as authentic as possible—knowing that the unknown in life is often just as beautiful as the one with ducks all in a row.

Happy Monday, old friends.
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Whitney said...

excited to see where you land and for your next adventure. i know it will be a great one!

Ophelia said...

You are a beautiful person inside and out. I'm so glad that I'm getting to know you!

Audrey Johnson said...

I wander over to your blog from time to time for a little inspiration. (That I, too, am sorely lacking these days.) You are such a talent, I know great things are in store!

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