Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy {Wedding} Weekend

Today is my Friday! Why is it my Friday, you ask? Because I’ll be shimmying into a bridesmaid gown to celebrate this beaut on Saturday.
That’s right, Betsy’s getting married.

Betsy was one of my college roommates. She’s been destined for marriage life since she could walk—this girl can throw a party, decorate a room, or host a dinner at the drop of a hat. And talk about having the sweetest heart around. So it was no surprise to us that Collin wanted to marry her as soon as he laid eyes on this sweet little gem.

So, in what is sure to be the chicest and most stylish wedding in Rosemary Beach, Fla. to date, we’ll be celebrating the lovely couple all weekend long—starting tonight. So, because of my short week, I’ve rallied up a few fabulous Friday Finds a bit early—consider your weekend an early start with me.
  • Though I’d rather be nowhere but the wedding this weekend, I’m still homesick for NYFW that began yesterday. This great article made my fashion obsession feel better. Then, this piece made me crack up for being a broke, confused twenty-something. Wins all around.
  • My bridesmaids dress is steamed, my nails are painted a neutral-like lavender, and now for the wedding hair—with a strapless chiffon gown, I’m thinking of going a little romantic with this or this.
  • Speaking of weddings—this gown literally made me gasp. Now, for a fiance (or, uh, boyfriend?).
  • In honor of the festivities, a good weekend mantra to keep in mind for a little fun here.
  • And in preparation for another upcoming celebration, this Valentines girlfriend soiree looks like so much fun—I’d contribute these to the menu.
Have a blissful weekend my friends—we’ll be marrying off our best friend down here.

{Wedding photo credit here}


Whitney said...

have fun!!

Melissa said...

So fun -- enjoy! (love the champagne pic)

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