Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Mantra + Hope

Let's get right to it. I knew as soon as I saw this verse that it was going to be this week's mantra.

I'm not sure about you, but my over analytical mind jumps back and forth between what-ifs and have-nots pretty regularly—I'm, admittedly, just a thinker. And that thinking is known to spin a little out of control, worrying and fretting and planning proactively to ensure that the future will turn out just right. Exhausting, really, and completely unnecessary. Because such peace is there in the remembrance that holding on to hope is trusting that He is handling it.
She holds on to hope for He is forever faithful.
Forever listening.
Forever fulfilling.
Forever there.
Here's to a hopeful week.


meghanryan17 said...

Literally EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! xx

Whitney said...

love this - saving it to my phone screen.

i recently heard this idea that women are like watches. we look like we're just a few numbers ticking along on the outside, but if you take off the face, there are hundreds of gears turning and running and impacting the next one to make things happen. lots more going on that ever meets the eye!

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