Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Mantra + Hello December

Hello, first December week. Is it really that time?
I am thrilled, thrilled that the holidays are here. I love nothing more than that warm festive, fuzzy feeling brought about by Christmas right before the new year dawns and the possibilities become endless (I mean, I've already begun contemplating my New Year's Resolution). Saturday was an excellent beginning to what is sure to be a fantastic month—good food, good music, great company and great times are a recipe for the perfect weekend if I've ever had one. So here we are, arriving in our first December week, with endless possibilities to wrapping up 2012.

I had quite the time hunting for this week’s mantra. Normally, they coincide with however I happen to be feeling on that particular Monday, or a certain season of life I may be coping with.
Advice in hard times.
Wise words for living.
How to become more.
When what you have is enough.
Embracing come what may.
Put on my heart, it’s normally easy to recognize what my focus for the week will be—words to live by, repeat, tune in to. But what do you choose when you can’t read what’s on your heart?
Sometimes, it’s simple. Just be.
Isn’t that a novel thought? Accept contentment. Take a moment (or one every day) for you to just exist. Because sometimes, what’s needed is a break from striving, refining, molding, climbing, persevering, and making more or making better to remind yourself, “Where I am is good. What I am is good.” Break. Breathe. Exhale.
So, let's do that as the season of love is upon us, shall we?
Happy Monday!


Whitney said...

i love that quote! happy december monday!

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