Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mid-Week Mashup

This post has been in drafts all week. With the week's events thus far, there's been no time to write. But as I finished my quiet time this morning and began to prepare for my day, I kept feeling nudged to finish.
So here I am.

Last week, I stumbled into a moment that nothing in my whole being wanted any part of. One of those real knock-you-out-and-down doozies. You know them—we all do. Feelings of insecurity, rejection and inadequacy flooded my conscience as unmet desires continued to be oh, so very unmet. And as I walked my dog around the neighborhood before bed, somehow, without my even realizing I was thinking it, one sentence filled my thoughts as I clung to it over and over:
You are more than enough.
He whispered it over and over as I began to repeat it to myself.

It's funny how life is a beautiful gift that can create and dish out these ugly, crippled situations to us: The job you didn't get and wanted so badly. The class you failed after trying so hard. The mistake you made when you weren't thinking. The boy who said you weren't special enough.

But you are more than enough. And that's why we're equipped to handle it when life throws curveballs quickly and furiously. I'm not sure about you, but I've never been so great behind a bat, so these curveballs shake me up a little more than perhaps the average person. But good news girls—He bats for us. And I was ever-so-thankfully reminded of that last week, when I was in danger of crumbling behind the bat, and He stepped up to the plate, took over, and kept me together.
I have no idea how that turned into a baseball metaphor, but I'm going with it.
So today, you are more than enough.

And turning the corner to other great things on this Wednesday that I've intended to write about this week but haven't:

  1. The best news—the new issue of VIE hit the streets. You can read it here, and watch a behind-the-scenes video shoot of our cover here. It's good stuff—trust me.
  2. It's officially cold here on the coast, and the lack of Fall attire means shopping is at the forefront of my brain right now. A few fantastic looks I fell in love with this week to incorporate into the ole wardrobe here, here, and here
  3. Speaking of falling in love, if I had an excuse to wear this ensemble, I'm convinced I would. 
  4. And lastly, though I'm late, an exquisite mantra for this week here  in light of recent events.

I hope the first half of your week has been a fabulous one!
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Karla said...

Amen sista! Love the honesty and openness of your blog, and everything else about it too!

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