Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween + See Ya November

The day has come—Happy Halloween!
October, you were great, but it's time we send you out in style.
Halloween has long been a favorite of mine. A fan of anything worth celebrating, I realize I say that pretty often, but costumes and themes are sort of my thing. So, we really knocked it out of the park this past Saturday at Alys Beach's annual Noche de los Muertos celebration at Caliza pool (You can see a final product of my painted- up tiger costume here.) Fire jugglers and stilt walkers and crazy costumes galore, today's celebration will deservingly be a little more low-key.

So, what's a girl to do when she's already put her time in energy into one costume? Rely on the basics of Halloween prep, which also work well for anyone with last minute plans or who make the decision to not stay in with your candy corn and cheesy scary movies for an evening on the couch (Who did that last night? Not me....)
  • I've obviously been into over-the-top makeup this Halloween season, and Camille Styles has some unique ideas that she featured last week here. I'm a fan of the Twiggy look.
  • Hit up your local Target for some white fishnet stockings, decorative Halloween cobwebs, and faux plastic spiders. Throw on a white dress or tunic, and drape the cobwebs over your ensemble, pinning the spiders to you in a few select places. Voila, you're a cobweb! Extra points for white hair paint, embellished eye makeup, and black nails.
  • An obvious choice—throw on some ears and a use eyeliners for a few whiskers. You're a cat, duh. (Mean Girls reference for those of you that didn't catch it and I can only assume have been living under a rock.) A fur vest tops it all off if it's chilly.
  • Other last minute faves of mine: revenge of the nerds (I love knee socks!), three blind mice, and I've been trying to talk someone into being a mime all month but so far, no takers...
So get up, throw a little glitter on somewhere, prepare one of these festively-inspired cocktails, and enjoy your Halloween as you prepare to greet November (already?!?!) tomorrow.


Whitney said...

oh oh i am with you on knee socks!!!

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