Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Mantra

I am such a dreamer.
My whole life, people have commented on this particular state of thinking. I think my parents probably thought I'd grow out of the mad make-believe skills I practiced as a child. But as I grew older, my tendency for daydreams turned into something slightly different—just good ole dreams in general. Dreams for my future—where I would go, what I would accomplish, what I would be good at, who I would share it with. I was, and still am, quite the dreamer in anticipating my future.

So, as I made plans for the future, I was used to seeing the slight smirk on the face of the listener, or a delicate nod, and yes, occasionally a laugh and an "are you crazy?" I was therein labeled a dreamer, a romantic, at times cheesy and unrealistic—all of which I embraced because really, what else can you do? I oftentimes still don't take in the realistic factors that go into planning the future because I do wholeheartedly believe, good things are about to happen.

And yes, I'll admit, my dreams are big. And they change quite often, but they never go away. But I never look at what I haven't done, only all that there is left to do. It has been an insatiable quest my entire young adulthood that I've accepted without reason—a desire for something more to life. So when I stumbled across this quote a few weeks ago, I couldn't quite shake the feeling that it pertained to me in quite the specific way. Until I was looking for this week's mantra, and it suddenly dawned on me:

I am constantly searching for adventure, romance, creativity, innovation and change because, quite simply, this world is not enough for me. This world is not enough for me because it was not made to be. We, with hearts full of love for Him and on our mission to continue to grow closer to Him, were made for Heaven with Him.

Simple as that. So there's my reason for all that dreaming—I was made for something bigger than this life.
Remembering that as I start my week. Here's to a good one!
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