Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy {Nothing} Weekend

It seems I've been awaiting this weekend for quite some time. When I finally get home this evening, I'll be taking full advantage of a weekend itinerary full of, well, nothing. Isn't that exactly what the soul needs every so often?
Of course nothing doesn't actually mean nothing, as I'll be checking some ever-present items off the old to-do list, preparing for the upcoming holiday, and basking in some October sun while a tan is still there to nab.
A few Friday Finds to enhance your weekend, and mine as well:
  • Pumpkin carving is definitely on the agenda this weekend. Wait, did I say carving? I meant metallic pumpkin painting, as seen here.
  • I need a new fall manicure a bit more subtle than the blue hue I'm sporting right now. This one via Camille Styles (my role model) looks like the perfect pretty paint job.
  • I'll also be getting my Halloween costume together this weekend. Hint: it involves purchasing these.
  • Currently on the hunt for interesting vintage silk scarves to wear in this weekend fashion.
  • This video for Facebook. Told you I'm a sucker for sap—especially when it concerns mankind. Watch it here.
Happy Friday!


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