Thursday, June 28, 2012

On the Menu: Caprese Snack

Last night, I wrapped a photo shoot early and came home looking for a snack after a long day in front (unfortunately not behind, where I'm really much more comfortable, but this is another story for another day) of the camera. Since my dinner plans weren't until eight, waiting wasn't an option. After remembering the fresh mozzarella and baby grape tomatoes I had stocked in the fridge, I  pulled out the super-simple recipe I wrote about here to whip up a caprese snack.

All you need:
  • 2 cups halved cherry tomatoes
  • 2 ounce sliced fresh mozzarella cheese
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh basil
  • Drizzled balsamic vinegar to taste

First, I chopped the tomatoes into fourths. You could do halves, but I like a smaller bite.

Next up—mozzarella.

Then I pulled some basil from the fresh basil plant that sits on my windowsill...

and chopped and added to the mix.

A balsamic drizzle finishes it off, paired with a good tossing.

Then spoon one cup of the mixture onto a plate—voila! A super scrumptious snack for around 141 calories and lots of nutrition to boot.

Note: I doubled the recipe so I could have another serving for today's lunch—throw this medley on top of lettuce with some grilled chicken breast and you have a different meal!
Original recipe found here.
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