Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beat the Heat: Summer Hair

Living in a coastal town, the heat and humidity don't make for good hair days with little effort. I was not blessed with hair so heavy that it falls thick and glossy down my back. I was also not blessed with springy curls that a salty summer air makes look that much better. I was blessed with dark, fine locks that don’t really hold much curl but like to wave with a mind of their own when those hot days of summer arrive. So what’s a beach girl to do when July and August arrive, also notably known as the worst hair months of the year?
Get creative, that’s what.
Let it be known that I’ve never been very creative with my hair, 90 percent of the time putting a curling iron to it for soft waves and wearing it down always (A great tutorial for how I normally style my hair by one of my favorite bloggers here). A small braid to get my  bangs out of my face or pinning it half up is the extent of my “styling technique.” But let me tell you—upon moving to my seaside town, this salty summer heat could not be beat when with my amateur moves.  So, my strategy was simple—find a few go-to looks that are

  1. Easy enough to fit into my routine
  2. Don’t require excessive time and product.
  3. Are slightly undone— I like my look somewhat au naturale.

So without further adieu, a few styles that have withstood my critique process and proved a great summer ‘do:

The simple high pony: Taking me straight back to my cheerleader days, this has actually proved to be an easy weekend staple. The key is straightening your hair and positioning it right at the curve of your head. No whispies allowed, so be sure blow dry backwards with a big round brush and finish with hair spray. Looks great with red lipstick or dramatic eye makeup (but not both!).

A messy braided up-do: This looks far more difficult than it is. But really, just start your braid an inch or so back from your hairline, letting your bangs hang loose. Braid until you can't anymore, and secure. Gather the rest of your hair in a low ponytail, not bringing it all through the band on the last loop. Then, I just pin the sides down and pin the excess that wasn't pulled through over it, creating a messy bun-like look. Then put a soft twist to your bangs, and pin underneath your braid as far back as your length will allow.

The "bangs bump": The easiest ever, blow dry with a round brush backwards, then tease your bangs at the root. Gather a two to three inch section, and pin back at the crown of your head. Finish with a smoothing hairspray.

The twisted pony: Simple and chic, this is just a cooler version of the low pony. Leaving hair parted, begin twisting at your part, gathering more hair with each turn. Continue doing so as long as your hair will allow, but ideally to the spot you would gather your pony. Secure. Then gather the rest of your hair in a low ponytail. I like to wear this one with a little wave, volume, and texture.
Variation—gather hair into a messy bun if you have enough to do so.

True beach waves: This is a difficult one to master, in my opinion, if you don't actually have the salty beach air helping. Which is why I keep Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray in my beach bag (a cool DIY version here that I haven't tried. Yet.). After a long day of sunning, paddle-boarding, or boating, tumbled tresses are just the ticket for throwing on your cover up for lunch, drinks, or dinner before heading in.

I like to finish everything off with my favorite hairspray ever, Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray. I hate hairspray, and this is the first I've found that is so light I hardly feel it while actually holding my style. Not to mention how shiny it makes my hair—the perfect finishing touch to any style that beats the heat!


Kathleen @ Carrie Bradshaw Lied said...

LOVE this!!! I need to start getting more creative with my hurr.

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