Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy {Friday Finds} Weekend

I'm not a superstitious person. Or, I tell myself I'm not a superstitious person. When a black cat passes my car, I won't deny that I flinch a little. I only walk under ladders if I absolutely must. And on Friday the 13th, I'm extremely cautious (probably an indication that I could stand to be a little more cautious every day). Which would be today. Nonetheless, it's Friday and that means it's going to be a good day despite that pesky little odd number attached to the most celebrated day of the week. So in an effort to promote a fabulous Friday, how about a few Friday Finds for you?
The simplest of ways to dress up wrapping paper: neon polka dots. Roll out the paper, proactively paint the dots, then roll back up for an instant update to any gift-giving occasion.
BFrend Bracelets via MadebyGirl. Would love to get my hands on these to stack with my Michael Kors watch.
My weekend manicure—yellow tips. A subtle pop of color, although I've been told it's better to leave it up to a professional then try and make it happen yourself.
I need this painting for my bedroom right. this. second. (My birthday is in two and a half months for anyone listening.) Until then, it also comes in an iPhone case.
A fun update for your market bag—neon paint—via Harper's Bazaare. The perfect pop of color on the beach.
Perhaps one of the most perfect vanities I've ever seen in my life. A girl can dream...
And I'm off for the weekend, to finish a few articles for the upcoming issue of VIE, attend a get-together or two, and embark out on the water for a nautical adventure tomorrow. I'll also be waiting for two memoirs to come in from Amazon (Paris Was Ours and Vicky Tiel's fashion/socialite reflections), as I'm longing for a lazy Sunday on the sand in the sun. Sounds like a dream to me.
Happy Weekend! xxx


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