Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Loving Liv

Hola, back from Mexico! Mexico was a dream and the five-star resort that welcomed us was nicer than any I could have imagined. There was plenty of adventure, siestas, and fiestas. Breakfast was had each morning on a terrace overlooking the Pacific. Sunning was done amidst private cabanas. We went sailing at sunset, embarked on a snorkeling adventure in a coral reef around a private island, and, of course, attended Food and Wine Magazine's Annual Food and Wine Festival, featuring different celebrity chefs. I'll have a few photos for you later this week, and a whole feature on the stay in the July/August issue of VIE. A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Club Med for the invitation to explore such a fabulous place.

I arrived back in the U.S of A late Monday night before stumbling into work Tuesday in a whirlwind of writing, photo shoot planning, and sorting through a higher number of emails than I thought was humanly possible. But after playing an intense game of catch up yesterday, I'm settled and back to real life. Which brings me to today's topic.

As I was catching up on all my blog stalking last night, I stumbled across a recent shoot featuring my number one style obsession, Olivia Palermo, here for Marie Claire Spain.
Sporting a golden glow and effortless locks, her look is the epitome of summer, fresh faced and bright, easy colors alike. Not to mention how cute she looks snapping that camera around (I'm sure I look like that, too, right? Not.).

It's been interesting watching Olivia transform from a catty, ladder-climbing star on MTV's The City to a budding style-icon who graces the best red carpets—not to mention spokesperson for my favorite brand possibly ever, Tibi. As a matter of fact, you can watch her style evolution from socialite to style icon here.
Happy Wednesday friends, you're halfway through the work week!


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