Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crafty Hands: Ombre Away

I've always been a fan of ombre. The way the colors lightly fade into the next seems so easy and natural, two characteristics I always appreciate. I toyed with the ombre hair trend that swept the Hollywood scene last year—so much so, that I had almost decided on finally trying out ombre hair for summer. Of course, being the type of girl that needs affirmation on a decision as huge as her hair (duh), I sent this photo to my friends via group text:
"Thinking of this ombre look for summer. Thoughts?"
Of the many responses I received, there was but one "You'd look great with that" amidst the bunch, and a few as hostile as "If you touch your hair, I"ll kill you." My friends love me—they do. You see, I've never touched my locks with any form of dye (except for a short debacle with temporary hair dye my senior year of high school, but very few will appreciate being reminded of that), and so the idea fell short of approval with the girls.
Lesson learned: perhaps fueling my ombre appreciation should come in another form. Enter: dip dye. Let's be honest—we all know I don't give up that easily.

Equally as ombre-ish but much less permanent, dip-dye is definitely on my radar for easy, breezy beach attire. However, my crafty and budget-friendly hands want to give it a try myself. Before I go pulling out a white dress or crisp button-up as my guinea pig (I'm suddenly reminded of tie-dying for Sigma Nu's Spring Woodstock party. Can I get a ditto?), I think I'll test it out on a slouchy canvas tote in a bright neon yellow or cool powder blue for a safe practice. Just perfect for the beach, toting workout clothes, or running errands for the afternoon.
Who knows, maybe I'll get wild and try it on a v-neck tee. 
Do any of you domestic goddesses know any good tips or tutorial for the perfect dip? I'd love for you to email/comment/tweet them my way, if for nothing more than assuring my hands don't come out permanently stained neon yellow or powder blue.
All images via my Pinterest


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