Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy {Road Trip} Friday

Headed home for a quick trip to the Great State this weekend.
If you couldn't tell by yesterday's post and my trip down Easter-memory lane, I've been missing my family quite a bit lately. It takes me about  seven and some odd hours to get there when I've got my furry companion Camp riding shotgun.
That's a pretty long car ride for an attention span like mine, which is why I've concocted the perfect Recipe for a Road Trip.
Recipe for a Road Trip:
  • The Great Gatsby, my all time favorite book of existence, on audio book
  • Super-charged belt-it-out-and-dance playlist (not to be played while in traffic and inevitably due for embarrassment) that includes thisthis, and this.
  • Car charger, because it seems mine alwaysalwaysalways goes dead.
  • Fruit, because I'm a snacker when I'm bored and if I don't have it I'm susceptible to pull over for chips/candy/JUNK. Of which I most likely will do anyway.
  • The biggest bottle of water I can find.
  • Sunglasses—DUH
  • Ponytail holder for when I'm inevitably sick of my hair in my face.
  • GPS. Yes I've made the trip a million times. Yes I'm terrible at reading maps. I. Need. Backup.
  • $20 bill (ya know, because your parents told you to have it for just in case)
Alot one stop for a bathroom break and one stop for gas, and I'm hitting the doorstep to my Mississippi abode in t-minus 7 hours. The perk? Mama's cooking, glasses of wine on the patio at dusk, little sister's help with some fun crafty projects, male family members to do things for me, and unplugging for an entire weekend. Plus, I'm sure to come back with photos and new, refreshed ideas. Everyone wins. So tomorrow, after my Pure Barre class, I'm off. 
Happy Easter Weekend!


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