Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superbowl XLVI (I googled that)

(Warning: this post is written with lots of sarcasm)
Let's make one thing real clear: I don't care about the Superbowl.
I am from the South. There is one type of football I care anything about. And that is the SEC. I do not care about the NFL. I do not even know who is playing against the Giants in the Superbowl. And the only reason I know the Giants are even in the Superbowl is because Eli Manning plays for the Giants, and he went to my beloved Ole Miss (and I love him).
Still wearing that red and blue, baby.
Now that that's all cleared up, I can go straight to what I've been preparing for today.
Superbowl Sunday.
Clearly, this could be confusing to you, since I don't care about the NFL. But I do care about parties. And entertaining. And lots of yummy dips and treats that have more calories than I'll consume in a normal week. But hey, it's the Superbowl y'all- carpe diem.
So, moving on. I'm currently trying to decide between these recipes to contribute to the infamous Superbowl Sunday party. Before deciding, there are three factors one should consider when choosing a Superbowl dish. They are:

  1. Don't take something that has to be heated up to often. The men (who are actually watching the game) will complain quickly and often when it gets cold, and you'll be stuck making endless trips to the microwave or oven to re-heat the dish, (which is most likely a dip).
  2. Don't take something too girly. Take something guys will like. Sure, I super want to make these adorable football-shaped and decorated chocolate cookies. But chances are, approximately one third of the guys there will actually pick one up and eat them. Alas, all your hard work done with no appreciation. Other things that will not be eaten or appreciated are foods that are deemed "healthy". Watch out.  
  3. Lastly, this is probably the most important rule of Superbowl food prepartion. Do not, I repeat, DO. NOT. Bring anything that utensils must be used to eat. Utensils should be used with a utensil dish for a reason, right? But guys will use their hands. As if that isn't disgusting enough, throw in all the "excitement" of what's happening in the game, and you have one big 'ole mess.

So, all things considered, here are my top picks for dishes to bring to Superbowl Sunday parties, all tried-and-true tested on guys and that have passed all three of the above tests. You are welcome, in advance.

Loaded baked potato dip- serve with fries optional. Yep.
Pizza dip- be careful of the re-heat rule #1 on this one, but I just love it so.
Buffalo chicken bites- these are secretly healthy-ish, but keep that to yourself at the risk of not passing Test #2.
Mozzarella and prosciutto skewers-
Puppy chow- (which takes me straight back to my days in the Chi O house)
Mushroom and bacon dip-
Cookie dough dip- this is an incredible crowd hit. Service with animal or graham crackers.
No sort of party is complete without salsa and guacamole as well, in my opinion. It sort of pains me to not have any festive presentation able to peak through in this sort of party situation. Which is why I might sneak in a pepperoni pizza.... made like a football, naturally (It's pizza, they'll eat it).
What to choose, what to choose....


Tabitha Mahoney said...

Every one of those looks amazing. YUM


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