Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Styling Session: Beach Attire

Happy February 29th!
It's just another Wednesday, but not really.

March is, quite literally, just on the horizon, which means bathing suit season is near for us down on the coast. Weekends will mean packing up the picnic basket, cooler, beach chairs, and sunscreen and heading down to our beaches for some R&R. One thing that is pretty essential for any coastal dweller is  a cute cover-up strategy, since living in your bathing suit is not just acceptable, but expected. Whether I'm coming off the beach for a sunset cocktail, dipping into a local restaurant for lunch, or running an errand or two, it's important to avoid the awkward "has she or hasn't she been at the beach?" question by donning a cute cover-up and ensuring your beach look isn't too unkept. A few essentials for your beach-ready look:
1. A cute cover-up: For March, the wind off the ocean can make it a bit chilly late in the day, so I opt for one with sleeves until the temps rise a bit higher.

{1, 23}
2. Hair Control: Whether your donning a hat, a headband, or sporting a preppy braid, make sure you've tamed those waves accordingly.
(I'm  100% positive this hat will be a summer staple)

3. Easy-to-sport sandals: My pet peeve is a sandal I can't just slip out of for a walk on the sand or rinse off if needed, but interesting details or vibrant colors make a regular flip flop a little less boring.

  {7, 8, 9}
The last essential item is, obviously, sunglasses, seeing as I never leave the house without them. But that's another post for another day—too many to choose from!
Yay for a Leap Year!


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