Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mantra + Some

Last week was a quick hiatus. I was pushing myself a little too hard, going a little too much, and now that I finally feel somewhat caught up with life and such, let's do this thing:
I'm constantly struggling to rest in His peace, when things go awry, worry sets in, or life spins slightly out of control. In His peace is rest for the weary, the calm during the storm- no matter how small or large that storm may be. This week I'm practicing the gentle reminder of fixing my eyes upon him and trusting that everything. will. be. ok. if we involve Him.

In other news, in order to get my hectic schedule slightly more under control, I stumbled across this idea (on Pinterest, duh) and thought it was a great way to reign in those to-do's that don't necessarily have a deadline attached-- I'm guilty of letting those pile up as I wrap up things with immediacy. 
Simple enough, yes? I love Ah Ha moments.
Happy Monday! xxx


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