Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally Friday: Weekend In

The weekend is here. I love Fridays (along with the rest of humanity). I adore free time, and this weekend I've decided to have exactly that. Free. Time.
That's right. This girl, the girl that is constantly making plans and can't sit still alone for more than half an hour, is letting out her inner homebody, not making a single plan in the world, curling up with a few good books and only venturing out for a Pure Barre class (shout out to Ashley) or perhaps the occasional movie/coffee shop. Actually, here's precisely what I'm looking forward to:

1. Pure Barre with Ashley- kicking my butt into bikini shape one day at a time.
(Ash and Ains: she looks sweet but I'm slightly terrified of her with a Pure Barre headset. Just kidding Ash... sorta.)
2. Getting out  my calligraphy pen. I know it sounds dorky, but my goal is eventually this:
3. The Vow—I'm not sure if it is going to give me hope or make me hate myself, but we shall see.
4. Getting out the 'ole camera around town. This is such a pretty, pretty place.
5. A Sunday night dinner in with the girlfriends.
Happy Weekend! xx


Christy said...

#3- Made me hate myself and weep for the poor souls because it was written from a true story. Nevertheless, a must see! Such irony in that haha.

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