Monday, December 26, 2011

On the Agenda: NYE Attire

Praise the Lord (literally, praise Him) for the fabulous Christmas that was had at the Rogers' (no D) household this year. But seeing as Mother Anne is now sneaking down the Christmas decor, it's time to focus on the next event on the agenda. Which just so happens to be one of my absolute faves.
New. Year's. Eve.

If you've been with me the past year or so, you're well aware of my love for the holiday because of my affinity for all things celebratory and sparkly. And if you haven't, and you're one of those "New Year's Eve is overrated" pessimists, well, you may wanna stay away from me for the next few days (just kidding, never do that.)
But really, I love New Year's Eve for so many reasons. And I'm going to talk about it until, well, New Year's Eve.

Clearly one of the highest reasons on my list that I adore my beloved holiday is the opportunities for attire. Fur? Sur. Silk? Why not. Sequins? Absolutely. And (in case you've been living under a rock) there are some absolutely amazing after-Christmas sales happening as I type with ample opportunity to steal a fantastically festive NYE outfit for said night.
Well, thanks to my good 'ole friend Pinterest, I have a few ensembles in mind I"ll be scouring for during the next few days. I'll be spending my evening at a cocktail party at the beach, so a look that's equal parts easy and dressy is essential. Keep reading.

Sequined shorts paired with opaque black tights, booties, and a luxe silk top, make for an unconventional way to work sequins into NYE attire.

The same goes for a sequined mini. I'd like to try pairing with a sultry sweaty for a cozy-yet-dressy ensemble.

I'd love to be able to find a sequined geometric print... but I think that would be a belated Christmas miracle seeing how popular the trend is right now.

I wouldn't hate to stumble across a low-back beaded number at all. (!!!!)

I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect sequined blazer. With black shorts, a simple silk tank, and slightly undone hair, this piece gets a new look.
(Oh hey Serena/Blake)
And if worse comes to worse and I don't find anything worth my purchase (guilty- I'm a picky, picky girl), then I'll be throwing on my black cigarette pants, a black silk camisole, and my new tuxedo jacket for a chic alternative, straight from my closet. Inspiration below- I'll be adding slightly sassier shoes. 
What are you wearing for NYE? Have you stumbled across any hidden gems?
All images via my Pinterest


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