Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shameless Announcement

There are some days when I can't turn my brain off. I see image after image, idea after idea, that I have to get down somewhere, and that often don't align with a certain train of thought. And alot of the time, I just want to share- I can't help it, I'm a sharer. So guess what I did?

That's right, I went and started a Tumblr. This outlet allows me to post random thoughts and inspiration as opposed to the actual content I put together here (read: an actual thought). You'll also see more tidbits of daily life at the beach, working for VIE, and other aspects of my personal life. But don't be so quick to assume that my outfit obsessions, decor inspirations, foodie thoughts, and motivational quotes won't be making an appearance as well. Think of it as a lovely overflow of what inspires me to write at From Ainsley, with love.

So I hope you'll go right up there to the top of this page and click the "Overflow on Tumblr" tab for a little extra dose of me (I mean, it's exactly what you wanted, right?) And in case you never noticed, you can also follow my Pinterest board up there too, as well as Twitter to the right.
Keep the comments and emails rolling. I'm loving the new chats with you girls.


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