Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Like, um, everyone, I'm ridiculously addicted to Pinterest. Like many, I have boards upon boards of foods, crafts, entertaining ideas, and I'll even own up to the wedding ideas pinboard (that's looking like it's going to come in use really soon since I'm, yep, single). 
But the real reason behind my Pinterest addiction is, yes, you guessed it, fashion. Specifically, outfit inspiration. More specifically, I love to seek out the ridiculously well-dressed and copy their outfits, or at least translate it to be a little more me.  See: my Style Seeker pinboard.
That being said, there are a few of these outfits I can't get off my mind today, as exampled by my gchat to MCK with the first picture below, coupled with a pleading request of "Help me find an ivory blazer so I can finish this outfit in my closet or I will absolutely die, pleeeeease"(yes, these things really happen with us). To make these happen, I need one key component for making them work.
Need: Fitted ivory blazer.
Need: slouchy, off-the-shoulder tee.
Need: a yellow (I have a similar purple, but I really want the yellow here), high-waisted mini.
Need: that jacket. Period. Or another similar statement jacket.
Need: Everything. I just really want this outfit. (I realize that's kind of cheating. And yes, I'm also aware I've posted this photo already.)
In a perfect world, clothes would be free. Or I'd have an unlimited shopping budget. So, readers and friends, if you can help me quench my obsessive desire to add a little to my closet, spill your secrets lovelies.
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Elizabeth said...

i found some really cute blazers at nordstrom... bp section all the way! here's the link to onehttp://shop.nordstrom.com/s/necessary-objects-flat-collar-blazer-juniors/3215536?origin=keywordsearch&resultback=0. as far as off the shoulder slouchy tee, one of my favorites is from walmart (gasp! i know, i hate that place, but miley cyrus and max azria...cheap cheap cheap and actually pretty darn cute)

Gild and Grace said...

I just want that last model's legs! Great post :) I too am addicted to pinterest :)
Abbey x

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