Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Persuasion

I talk a lot about being Summer's girl (June baby all the way, of course). But let me tell you a little secret:
Don't tell Summer, but October at the beach may just be selling me a little on Fall.
The air is crisp but not exactly cold. The sky is the bluest of blue. And don't even get me started on how the sunset has moved to where it's directly over the water.  Gorgeous. You really should get down here.
But really, I've always been a fan of October. For two main reasons, really.
1. Deeply rooted in years of ballet performances and a childhood spent with a really active imagination, I love nothing more than a good costume. Enter, Halloween parties. But that's another post for another day.
2. Pumpkin.  I. Love. Pumpkin. Which brings me to today's post.
I love the smell. I love the color. I love the spicy and sweet taste it boasts. I especially love the little pumpkins that come in candy corn bags. Which, actually, may be a third addition to my "Why I Love October" list if we're getting down to business. Ok, so:
3. Candy Corn.
But back to pumpkin. Are you a fan? Because I'm about to sell you on loving pumpkin. Just look:
A chevron-carved pumpkin for your porch. Or your party. Or your centerpiece. How much cuter does the traditional pumpkin carving get? This may be going on my weekend's to-do list.

With all the leftover pumpkin from the activity above, how about a sweet pumpkin pie shake? (Perk: This recipe is from Cooking Light. Did you hear that? Light!)

Not a sweets person (weird)? Well are you a breakfast person? In that case, how about some pumpkin spice pancakes? Luckily, I'm a breakfast and a sweets person, so I get both.
Still not persuaded? Man, you're a stubborn one. Alright, let's try some pumpkin in our wardrobe. A classic blazer, perhaps?
For a more subtle pumpkin addition, this Victoria Beckham tote is a nice accent for the office.

Or, a pumpkin Hermes scarf for an even subtler pumpkin touch.

Give it a little try, lovelies.. Let a little pumpkin spice up your October. You won't be sorry.


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