Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer's September

I will not play Earth Wind and Fire. I will not play Earth Wind and Fire.
Oh what am I kidding myself. I'm totally playing Earth Wind and Fire. 
(But I promise not to play it again on the 21st.)

Happy September, y'all. Any southern girl knows that as September arises, it does not mean summer is gone. No, no, the 90 + temps are here for about a month longer, which creates the constant struggle of combining your fall wardrobe with appropriate summer pieces to ensure maximum coolness in the balmy weather. Boots with dresses, chunky knits and shorts, the combinations are quirky and endless. The ocean in my backyard gives me a little leeway with the Rules of Fashion, as one can get away with breaking strict fashion rules a bit easier here (white jeans, why don't you stay a while longer...)
But do you know what September does mean? SEC Football, that's what (Hotty Toddy y'all). And as this is my first season to not live alongside or near my beloved Ole Miss Rebels, my Grove appearances will be few and far between. That's gonna break my little heart, so go ahead and prepare yourself for homesick rants from time to time, because there is no way these people here will convert me to Gators or Seminoles (gag).
And do you know what else September means? Fashion Week. But bless my heart, I'll be talking about that enough between now and next Friday that I'll spare you today. Prepare yourself.
Have a lovely first day of September!


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