Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday Mantra: Fashion Week Rambles

It's Fashion Week y'all.
So, in celebration of today, I have a few Monday Mantras for us to consider.
First, in regards to my shopping trip this past Labor Day weekend (For which we can blame Tropical Storm Lee, who ruined my beach weekend. And sales, hello. Albeit I didn't make any purchases that were actually on sale. Sorry, parents, if you're reading this- I'll be responsible again after fashion week).
The journalism/English major in me is appalled at the misuse of the word 'to'. But it's still a dang good quote. 

I agree with this mantra whole-heartedly. Which is why I bought this leather and herringbone shift this weekend for my upcoming trip.
I also whole-heartedly believe this dress will assist me on my first fashion week in doing what my second mantra instructs.
 Um, just noticed a typo in this one. 'Til does not equal 'till. Come on guys.

So now my bank account is frighteningly low, but it's fine, because...
... and because we always have to remember that
Why didn't I name this blog Confessions of a Clothes Addict? Another topic, another day. So here's to hoping one (Or all. Cough, me) of these mantras will get you through your week.


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