Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Reason

 DKNY's PR girl (who if you don't read, you absolutely should) is onto something here. I sit here daily and talk with you about style. I'm sure some who know what I do as a blogger, or what we all do as blog readers, don't understand our devoted interest to the topic. I'm sure some don't understand how we can roll out of the bed and spend happy, meticulous time piecing together this skirt with that blouse and those heels/necklace/earrings/blazer/sunglasses. But we know why. It makes us feel good. And no, we aren't being shallow.
When I walk into my office and I'm put together nicely and I know it, watch out day, I'm getting stuff done. I'm going to get that publicity. I'm going to write that article. I'm going to network effectively and build strong relationships. I'm going to voice some killer ideas. Because I've got confidence on my side and those new shoes I just found online for a steal that I absolutely had to have because they went together so nicely with my new cropped cigarette pants helped me get it. 
My friends and I tease that our motto is "Fake it 'til you make it." But it's so true. Bad day? Fake a good one. It will make it get better. And if you're wearing a ratty pair of jeans and a tank that should have been thrown out years ago, my guess is you're not going to feel much like "making it." But if you're as put together as a J.Crew ad (or whatever your personal taste may be), my other guess is you're going to know it, be happy about that, and perform better in whatever setting you're in. When you care about your appearance, it translates into caring about your work. If style is about expressing yourself, what does the outfit you're wearing out today say about you? Your look translates your first impression for others. And no, I don't think we should judge books by covers. But I mean, if the covers are nice, it's a heck of a lot easier to be drawn to them.
So that's it, that's why I love fashion. I'll get off my soapbox now. I have some shoes on a Wishlist online anyhow that I need to go sort through, and an article or three to write.
(all photos via my Pinterest)


Felicia said...

OMG please know that I am doing my administrative internship this weekend...and I have been talking about dress code for three weeks. I have said these very words until I'm blue in the face...and you know...I may have five years of experience but the way I dress has the veteran teachers asking me how I did things... Love your blog.

Ainsley said...

Thanks Felicia, keep your preachin'!

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