Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To get to where we're going...

Whew. The move is over.

This last move was a serious one. And while all my furniture (and stuff- man I have a lot of stuff) is in the house, I'm still settling and decorating, trying to make my new house a home. Annoyingly enough, I won't have the Internet hooked up at my house for a while. And since the App Store hasn't provided me with an iPhone app to be able to blog from my phone on Blogger (I mean, what is that about?), it's a little difficult for me to provide you with your daily dose of inspiration or eye candy.
Work has started, and with the multitude of meetings, press calls, photo-shoots and everything else that revolves around a full service public relations, advertising, and marketing firm that also publishes a gorgeous magazine full of eye-candy, things have been exhilarating and head-spinning. And I couldn't be happier.

But never fear, your girl is back. I've found a charming little cafe that I'm sure will just adore for me to use their WiFi so I can successfully sip my coffee and help you fall in love with all things beautiful and stylish in life that I stumble across.. So bear with me a little as the dust settles and things on From Ainsley, with love go back to normal.
On tap are the multitudes of DIY projects I'm into for sprucing up my new home.
And how do a few guest posts sound? (Wanna write one for me? My contact information is right at the top under the tabs.)
Also in the making? A From Ainsley, with love Twitter account and eventually a new, more streamlined and accessible look for the the blog as a whole. Ready? I sure am.

So, my lovely readers, buckle up and get excited. From Ainsley, with love is in a new place and ready for some fabulous new adventures and finds!


Kathleen said...

CONGRATS Miss Ainsley!! So many exciting things for you and I'm so excited FOR you!!!

And I love this blog. For realz. XO

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