Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy {July 4th} Weekend

Hello, hello on this sunshine soaked Friday. Since I didn't post yesterday, I have a variety of randomness to put out there before I send you on your merry way to what is sure to be another fabulous Friday.

First and foremost, my heart and soul Mary Catherine started her job at the ever-chic fashion label Leona this week. And (seeing as I have still not mustered the time outside of work day hours to return her call,) I thought I'd showcase a few of my favorite Leona pieces as a groveling apology.
I've blogged about Leona before, I know. But with its perfect combination of prep and sass, Leona is on my grown-up-salary wish list at the very tip top. Let's zoom straight ahead to the fall collection, shall we?

Just perfect.
In other news, I'm headed down for a quick and very spontaneous trip to New Orleans (let's say it with a southern accent: New Orleens) in just a matter of hours. With the house packed in boxes, art work off the walls, and only a few pieces of clothing still hanging in the desolate closet of mine, a little last minute adventure with friends seems just what the doctor ordered to ward off the moving blues. So this weekend will be all about cajun cuisine, jazz, and some heavy accents. Color me excited. 

Last but most certainly not least, here's to wishing you a fabulous Fourth of July Weekend. I know I talk lots about being a southern girl, but another thing I am is an American girl, tried and true. The national anthem gives me chill bumps every. single. time. So naturally, Monday is my second favorite holiday (Behind New Years Eve, duh. You can't count Christmas because it's everyone's. Must be something about those fireworks. And glitter?) Although this year it will be a little more low key than years past- with the big move upon me it will be spent with family and sweet goodbyes- but I'm still looking forward to the Three B's: Beer, BBQ, and Bathing Suits.

So here's to a Happy Independence Day, and may yours be filled with the sparkly excitement that makes life just so much fun, and a wonderful weekend leading up to it!


Amy said...

I love the clothing collection! It's absolutely gorgeous.

And have fun in New Orleans! It's one of my favorite cities to visit and relax in. Take some time to get a coffee and beignet at Cafe Du Monde! It's the best for some live jazz, some people watching and a great conversation.

Cheers! Have a wonderful holiday weekend :)

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