Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shameless Advertising

I was skeptical about whether or not I could use this blog to do this, but my smart friend Jessica told me I absolutely could, so here goes:
See this angel?
Well, there's twelve more where she came from. Because my mom now has twelve goldendoodles (that's a golden retriever and standard poodle mix, mind you) on her hands that she's anxious to sell and get out of her hair. 
I obviously don't have to tell you how cute they are. But I will tell you they are all khaki colored. Some have the curly hair as photographed above, while others have a slightly less curly, more wavy coat. And they don't shed. Did you hear that? They don't shed.
Not to mention they may be the smartest dogs in the whole world because those poodles, well, they're basically like people. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking one to my new home to be my companion as I'm living by myself. A girl's gotta have company, right?

(If you're seriously interested, you can inquire for more info at 662-296-6056 or 662-419-3356. They are all registered with papers and have had their first shots.)


Felicia said...

omg...tell anne I need one...seriously..i wanna walk down the block and come visit...fb message me how much she is selling them for I need them.

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