Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Letter

Dear June,

Thank goodness you've finally arrived. You really are the most perfect month, with your long hot days and balmy nights. You are adventure.

You are love.
You are new but always familiar, like arriving at my favorite place. You are classic with a surprising twist, anticipated year 'round. You are old, but embody youth.
You are sweet tea on the front porch swing while counting fireflies dancing in the southern skies.
You are bathing suits for the day's attire, bare feet and suntanned shoulders-- morning bike rides, afternoon pool sides, and evening dock sides.
You are that most perfect time of day when the sun starts to sink and the breeze lifts your hair and nothing at all can be wrong in the world.

You are lazy days, you are long days, you are happy days.  I'm your June baby always.


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