Friday, May 6, 2011


I want your help. I've been milling over a thought for the last few days. Monday is salon day, time for a cut and primp session, and there's nothing I love more than being pampered, trust me. Now, I've got long hair, fuss free long hair that hangs to about the middle of my back. Since I'm headed into a new PR job, it has gotten me thinking: are my long locks going to scream 24-year-old and stamp "Rookie" across my forehead in the working world?
I'm considering a nice middle ground, something like Camilla here:

So weigh in s'il vous plait, what's your expert opinion: is it time for a chop chop or can I keep long hair in a professional setting?

On another note, here's to hoping you all have fabulously relaxing, sunny spring weekends on the horizon!


Layne said...

1. because its fun (i chopped mine two days ago...right at my shoulders...i likey! you will die when you see)'s a long bob of sorts
2. because its something diff and it will always grow
3. do it :-)

Masey said...

I agree with Layne! Plus, the picture you posted is still long and pretty and doesn't seem like it would be a huge change!

Caitlin C. said...

I think that medium-length hair probably does look more professional..


I had super long hair and cut it last summer and it still hasn't grown back.. and I miss it SO SO much. Long hair is luxurious and pretty, and you might really miss it if you cut it! Good luck with your decision :)

Meri Scott Carpenter said...

I'm a PR major... What kind of job are you taking? Just wondering!

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