Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy (Memorial) Monday

I'm back from my jaunt in the nation's capitol and possibly more in love with that city than ever before.
I say that every time I return from a city, but for those other travel-enthusiastics out there, you know how much there is to appreciate in the unique sights, history, and style of the cities across this big ole world.

Speaking of America (I wasn't speaking of America, but go with it), Happy Memorial Day to all you looking at your laptop/iphone/ipad reading this post! Our veterans and active servicemen and women were all over the District this week. Late one afternoon, as I was exploring the streets of Dupont Circle,  I watched as a teeny little boy, probably not much older than seven, marched right up to a large, camouflage and combat boot clad solider, and hugged him square around the knees--- and said thank you. I thought the crowd around me was going to fall over. Slowly, people started to clap as they walked by. While it's a little unrealistic to suggest we hug all America's soldiers around the knees or constantly outbreak into applause as they walk past (they'd be startled, no?), I think it's probably safe to say we should remember the gratitude for these men and women, fallen and still fighting.

In the meantime, while remembering your gratitude, I hope you're soaking up some sun and indulging in some all-American festivities today. See you back here tomorrow!


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