Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Best face forward

Let me preface this by saying I am so not a makeup girl. I have friends that are, and their efforts at making me step out of the box from my normal routine have resulted in only minor changes. What can I say? (so, basically, I'm 16?)
What I can say about makeup is that I've gotten a bit better about incorporating two more products into my bronzer/blush/mascara/pink gloss/shimmery neautral shadow routine. And those two products are:
1. Red lips: Remember my analysis of how it would work out for me? Well, it worked. I love how you can sport red lips, mascara, a little blush, and nothing else, and still look completely put together. Currently, I'm sporting Lipstick Queen's "Saint Red", which is a glossy red from this fabulous brand to ease me into the trend. But my next purchase, for winter, will be a matte option.

2. Highlighter: Um, how has my almost-24-year-old self missed this product for so many years? Highlighter + bronzer = "No I didn't just return from the beach, but thank you". My makeup look of choice is a glowy, fresh-faced appearance, and with a little highlighter added into my daily routine, I've achieved just that like never before. To get Ashley's above look, I use Nars bronzer in Laguna, Nars Blush in Deep Throat for day or Orgasm for night, and Nars Highlighter.

So what do you think- got any more tips for a makeup shy girl for summer? I'd love to hear! 
(photo source here and here)


Rachel said...

Pretty sure we use the exact same blush AND bronzer...but now I'm gonna have to try the highlighter JUST because you recommend it :) Somehow my look doesn't quite turn out as fresh faced as yours or Ashley''ll have to show me your tips one day! Better see you at the Library this weekend, ma'am :)

Chase Mcumber said...

Maybe that's the reason why my girl looks fresh and gorgeous all the time. You don't need to put on a lot of makeup all the time. Looking natural and glowing is still the best! =)

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