Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Red Lip Research

I've mentioned before my love for short, red nails. Love 'em.
But what about red lips? Haven't mastered those quite yet.
Whether it be my incessant habit to hurry any process I partake in, or simply a lack of the right color, whenever I try the red lips trend, I end up looking like pictures of my old-self in high school cheerleading competitions or sorority dance contests. 
Not exactly the look I'm going for.
So this week I did my research. I want those red lips, dang it. And here's what I found, so I'll share:

The Perfect Color:
For fair skin, stick with coral-reds that won't overwhelm your fair complexion. Anything with a rosy undertone works.
For medium skin, a broad range of the spectrum suits you- anything from true red to pink-cranberry compliments your golden hue.
For darker skin, deep colors are your best bet. Start out trying burgundy or warm brick so as not to appear too shocking.

When in doubt? Choose 'Classic Red' with a swipe of gloss down the middle of your top and bottom lip. It has the word 'Classic' in its name for a reason- it looks good on everyone.

Application: let's keep in mind none of this is from experience, I'm learning just as much as you are.
1. It seems to be pretty important to prep your puckers for the lipstick. If the weather has given you dry, cracky lips, make sure to hydrate them before application so the color won't gather in those affected places (g-r-o-s-s). Chapstick will do the trick, but only leave it on for about five minutes then wipe it off- that's so the color will stay longer.
2. To keep your color, use a liner that matches your lipstick, and line your pout (as close to your actual lip as you can). Then fill in with it as well. This will make the lipstick actually stick.
3. Apply the lipstick. Carefully. Not too much, and watch those edges (and your teeth!). If you want a glossy finish instead of the matte look, swipe a thin layer of clear gloss over the lipstick. But be careful, because this can make it smear easily.

Most importantly, make sure your red lips are complimenting the outfit you have on seeing as they are a focal point of your look themselves.. The hue works best with simple, basic or muted attires (see Jess above). If you're sporting it with a print, let's make sure it isn't too overpowering. Taylor agrees:

So there we have it. I'll be attempting this at some point this week, so I'll share if it's a success. I know hot pink lips were a huge hit on the runway at this year's Fashion Week, but I'm hesitant towards those. Knowing me, I'd end up looking like Mattel gave me a makeover...
Any tips? Let me know!
Oh, and Happy March!

(all images via here. Advice via here, here, and here)


wfayew said...

I don't know if I'm daring enough for the red lips, but I painted my nails red this morning (for the first time ever) and I feel so empowered!

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