Monday, February 28, 2011

Color Me Spring

February has done nothing short but fly by, as the last day begins and we welcome March tomorrow.
I can't pretend to be very sad. I have no feelings for February and only the utmost adoration for March (and April and May and June and all the other sunshine months).  But even so, as we tie this month with a ribbon on top and store it away, I couldn't be more excited to dig into my spring closet and bring out some color.

Canary yellow and cobalt blue. Fuschia and poppy. Light blue and lavender. Chartreuse, coral, turquoise, and orange. And although black will always be a staple, I'm ready to wear lots of white.

Color me excited.
Which brings me to this, which I stumbled across early this morning. (If you can't read it very well, click to make it larger). I tend to wear lots of sunshine, pool, and strawberry, and of course black, and incorporate cement into lots of design schemes.
I wonder what White would say were it a choice, since it's my favorite color for fashion and design?
On another note, Happy Monday lovelies!
(fashion images via here, color palette via here)


Katrina Rallens said...

I think white would say, "Hurray! I go with everything!"

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