Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golden Tuesday

Due to the influx of opinion of Golden Globe style from writer's across the map yesterday, I thought I'd hold my commentary until today (but I'm still doing it today because I know you are all just simply dying to hear my opinion on who was hot and who was not, duh).
I do love awards season. Oh, how I love awards season. I don't want to be a celebrity, but I do adore stealing borrowing their looks and executing them the real-world way. That being said, these girls knocked them dead and did it oh so right, giving me a few tips of my own that I picked up along the way:
For me, Eva was to die for in this absolutely and utterly feminine gown. Sweetheart necklines are my favorite, we all know that I adore cinched-and-sashed waists, and the open back and long train make the back perhaps even more stunning the front. Had I attended the Golden Globes, I would have arrived in Eva's gown. 

Anne Hathaway also sported a beautiful open back, but she kept the rest of the dress basic in a silhouette-showcasing sheath (basic, that is, if you call complete sequins basic- but I think we can considering the Golden Globes). The champagne color was also divine on the dark-haired brunette, and I absolutely appreciate her sporting the hard-to-wear color. 

What a comeback from Piper Perabo in this beautiful black gown. Simple, stunning, and so very classy, this gown would translate from red carpet to real-world black tie affair easily. Her red lips and simple ponytail completed the look. I'm a huge fan.

I could be super critical of some of the stars' ensembles (cough Angelina's grandma shoulder-pads, J-Lo's sheer poncho, Natalie Portman's color clashing, and Halle Berry's lack of a dress), but I'll of course focus on the positive beauties of the night. Instead, here are my two favorite handsome beau's of the Globes:

Robert Pattinson (clearly):
My new crush, Matt Bomer:
Now, go have a great Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Anne's dress isn't open back. It has (creepy) flesh colored material!

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