Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Faithfully Yours

I'm a pretty faithful girl to my favorite designers. I'm not a label brat, considering how much of my wardrobe is from Forever 21 and the Gap. But I'm faithful to the designers who, season after season, have me habitually gushing over their creations. If I need a cocktail dress or am in the mood for a pretty pattern, I faithfully turn to Tibi, Shoshanna, or Rebecca Taylor. If I need something cute, comfy, and flattering, I faithfully call on Susana Monaco. J Crew is faithfully my go-to one stop shop for timeless silk tops, and I faithfully peruse the Kate Spade website daily (If my personality were a designer I'm convinced it would be Kate Spade, or at least I hope). My style is obviously a 'type' as seen by these designers. Tory Burch is another designer that, if you read here often, I faithfully and habitually adore. Tory shoes and handbags are my weaknesses, so classic with just a twist of trendy sass. I will admit, however, I've been guilty of not giving her clothes a second glance. Her attire is a little too mature for me, or so I thought until I saw her Resort Collection. Oh my color:

So many pieces I covet for my spring wardrobe, and so many of them aren't a pair of shoes or a handbag. It seems Tory may be working her way into a few more of my fancies. See the entire Resort Collection here.


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