Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Funday

This picture makes me uber jealous for warm weather residents right now.

Friday is here at let me tell you, it took long enough to arrive. Transition time after the holidays, from fun to focus, is such a harsh reality, but it makes the weekends seem that much sweeter when the time comes. But before you frolic off to your Friday afternoon agenda, let me leave you with two sweet tidbits:

1. Attention world.. or just readers. My funny friend, roommate, confidant, reality check, and fellow Mad Men addict Dana has finally, I repeat finally (and again finally, after contemplating it for about six months), started a blog (with lots of persuasion from multiple parties, might I add)
(Obviously, Dana is the one hovering over me. She's not that tall nor am I short.)
She's not your average cookie, as her dry wit, sarcasm, funny perspectives on life, and infamous ability in thinking her jokes are hilarious (hmm, sounds familiar) make her a joy to be around... or in your case, read. Dana is contemplative and caring as well, and all those qualities, mixed together with some exciting and ever-changing events in her life, are going to provide the blog world with some refreshing perspective on life's little moments. So go check out my friend danagirl- cross my heart, hope to die, you'll love her. 

2. I should tell you about my new favorite blog, more or less because I feel bad keeping secrets from you. The Vogue Diaries. I'm sure most of you already know all about it (seeing as I'm often late on the update train), but the Vogue Diaries features all sorts of stylish celebs' photos in their everyday paparazzi-style captured moments to award show features. I've been saving images and attempting to re-create looks left and right. Really stylish place, first site I visit every day, and I love it.... you will too. In the meantime, a few new looks I absolutely adore that I got from The Vogue Diaries today:
Alex Curran: love the casual ponytail, love the swingy fur coat, love the leather skinnies and the studded flats (although I don't think this outfit would translate very well into my everyday).

Malin Akerman: love the silhoutte of the dress and the red touches in the accessories, and love how she managed to achieve that hard-to-execute classically modern look.
I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Lindsay Lohan: love the tall boots and the plaid shirt, and love how the wrap scarf and Ray Bans pull it all together (actually, I think I like this outfit because I wear it too).

Hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start!


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