Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Monday morning, this Mississippi girl (who technically doesn't own a heavy jacket and only wears gloves because of their cute factor) woke up to this:
I know all you winter weather-ers are  laughing right about now. 
Eight glorious inches of fluffy, only-belongs-on-top-of-a-mountain snow. We honestly didn't know what to do with ourselves. So, we did this:
Then cranked up our fire, started some coffee, made a pallet on the floor, and bonded with these Mad Men for about five hours:
We're on day two of our snow day here in Oxford, as the fluffy goodness doesn't look like its going anywhere soon. Our sweet little city has closed down, as the unexpected winter storm left everyone unprepared, and I don't mind it one bit, because it's the perfect excuse to put together every single outfit around my new black Hunter boots. 
But in the meantime, my brain is on pause as I'm soaking up the excuse to do nothing, and hoping you have the opportunity to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Yesssss!!! post more pictures of your outfit with hunters :-)
I look forward to it with a smile!

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