Friday, December 24, 2010

Joy Indeed

And joy we did receive, tomorrow, on the birth of our Savior, who was sent to live to die for us, to save us from ourselves, to provide grace and love and forgiveness for us when we did not even know those were the things we needed. Joy to the World indeed.

I'm a sentimental girl (and the first to admit it). I'm often acutely aware of how much I cherish in this life, of how much of my happiness hangs on the blessings I've been graced with. Of the endless love and laughter given to me by the best friends in this world. Of the support and understanding supplied to me always by a precious family. Of the depth of what I'm able to pursue and look forward to because of an able mind and body. Things that I cherish that were given to me because of His birth tomorrow, His birth that is the most cherished, treasured thing that each of our minds could grasp.

So tomorrow we ring in His birth, we praise Him, exalt Him, give thanks and cherish the birth. Right now, sitting in front of a fire, in full view of the large Christmas tree that is host to a number of gifts and surprises wrapped in silver and gold, sweet savory smells floating in from the kitchen, and family scattered throughout the house, it is a time to not only celebrate, but give thanks for the most cherished thing we have been provided with- a baby in a manger that brought joy to the world, indeed.


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