Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy {First December} Weekend

It's finally starting to look like winter around here. Our Mississippi skies are turning a lovely shade of grey and the temperature is finally dipping below sixty. We won't get the blustery winds of winter until mid-January or so (and snow, forget it!), but for that I am thankful. I am quite content with my boots, scarf, and a jacket combo, thankyouverymuch. It's funny the appreciation I've begun to have for the Great State, and the South in general. A region rich in culture and tradition, with a great appreciation for all things natural and rustic while somehow remaining utterly charming throughout time. I won't be cliche here and talk about the beautiful girls who can climb on top a horse or shoot their brother's gun, or the guys who are never without a collared shirt and their manners. But I will say, Christmas in the South is like Christmas on steroids, with the most distinct type of love and tradition and family and style. So on this first December weekend, I hope you're as happy where you are as I am, and wishing you all the best. 

A few {southern} links of love:
Christmas gifts from all across the great South here
Beautiful cedar wreath chandelier here
The most southern restaurant ever here (dying to try)
Put this outside staple on my Christmas list this year, along with this holiday perfect look


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