Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Now before you get on to me for not writing, I have two defense tactics I'd like to quickly try out:
  1. I sprinted out of town after my first semester of graduate school wrapped up, haven't really touched a computer since, and have been on the road since. Until today.
  2. I have so many great ideas I've schemed up and fun discoveries that you won't be mad at me anymore once I start cranking the words out to fill you in on all these little lovelies.
I'm hoping one of the above worked on your sympathy for moi, or for you to join in on my excitement to finally share with you a few things. So, keep that in mind, and I'm going to go start organizing my thoughts and words.
But until then, I just wanted to say hello, beg for your forgiveness, and then, of course, beg for you to come back tomorrow (or later today, I'm telling you I'm about to start letting the words flow)

Merry Two-Days-Until Christmas!


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